Casting Stoneware

Casting Stoneware by Janet Bauer Artist
Before pouring the piece, check that the mold is free of dried slip, dust or anything else that could affect the final piece.
Mix slip thoroughly and pour at a steady rate to fill the entire mold.  The area of slip that is exposed to the air will form a skin on the top if a light mist of water is not sprayed over it.  By doing this, the slip will remain moist while it is setting up.  It can take as much as 45 - 60 minutes.  Keep an eye on it and don't be impatient and want to pour this off early.  It needs the full 3/8" thickness for the best baking results later on.
Any excess slip that has spilled on the edges of the mold can be easily removed carefully after the slip has ben poured off.
Pouring off this mold will take a little time and patience.  Tilt the mold slowly and let it completely pour off in one direction.  Continue liefting and draining to one side.  Do not turn it upside down until all slip that is moving is out.  Then when all slip is out turn upside down and leave at a slight angle until set.  Once you are sure that there will be n o run back of slip, return it to the upright position. (It is very important that the inside of this piece is as smooth as possible.)
Let set until it is leather hard.  Over the top of the mold, place a large enough board to cover the top of themold and turn over carefully.  Remember this is a big piece and needs to be firm enough to be handled before removing from the mold.  If there is any doubt, wait a little longer.  It won't hurt to leave it in the mold longer than you would something that has lots of detail.
Once out of the mold let dry completely.
Cleaning Stoneware
Fire un-cleaned ware to shelf cone 018.  Use the "Dust Free Method" to clean the piece.  
Immerse piece in a bucket of wate for about 5 to 10 minutres. from water to clean.  Keep wet throughout the process.  Remove excess edges around the top.  Check for other imperfections on the indise/outside and clean with a sharp feather knife.  When that is complete use a (220) grit scrubber, or a comfy scrub.  Let dry.  Check over the pieve for any additional imperfections.  Web again and finish cleaning if needed.  Let dry completely before painting.